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Electric Fencing Repairs is located in Ballarat, Victoria, providing a range of electric fencing services, and more, to Ballarat, Victoria and indeed all of Australia.

Electric Fencing Repairs specialist in electric fencing, supplying all your needs, both on the farm and off the farm, and are a Speedrite authorized repairer and dealer. 

We also supply domestic animal fencing kits, ear tags, shears, weighing systems, cattle prodders and much more.

Contact Details

Contact/Partners: Kyle Hester

403 Lal Lal St
Ballarat East, Victoria

0417 340 467

(03) 4308 0456
Fax: 03 5331 2880
Email: efr@ncable.net.au 


Electric Fencing

If you are having Electric Fencing Problems - We can Help!

Bring in your new or old unit for a  FREE  - Enigizer test

Electric Fencing Repairs specialist in all areas of electric fencing, supplying all your needs, both on the farm, and off the farm.  Located in Ballarat East, Victoria, we providing a full range of electric fencing sales & services to Ballarat, Victoria and Australia.

Electric Fencing Repairs - Sell & Deliver Anywhere in Australia - all electric fencing products.                                 

Electric Fencing Repairs provide a full consultation service, so we can work with you to create a fencing structure and system to best suit your needs. We can supply and install your electric fencing requirements, or you can purchase the materials from us and install yourself.

Whether you have cattle, sheep, horses, goats or deer, or if you simply wish to keep your domestic pets contained in your yard...Electric Fencing Repairs has the solution!!  To discuss your requirements Phone Kyle on - 0417 340 467



        • Electric Fencing system designed or to your specifications from Scratch or add on to your existing fence
        • You Can Purchase Materials - for the Do It Yourself Person  drop into Our Retail Outlet or Buy Online
        • Full Supply & Installation
        • Service & Maintenance on Existing Fences
        • On Site Fault Finding Service - Save Your Time & Money

On Farm / On Site Services

Electric Fencing Repairs

Provides the following services:

  • Fault Finding
  • Energizer Testing
  • Earth Testing
  • Fencing Structure & System Designing
  • Full Consulting Service
  • Direct to Public Sales

The Choice is Yours!

And Yes that reading is - 10,100 Volts

With zero Amp Faults


Electric Fencing Product Sales

Electric Fencing Repairs can supply all your electric fencing requirements:

  • Energizers
    - Mains Powered
    - Battery Powered
    - Solar Powered
  • Deep Cell Batteries
  • Fault Finder
  • Remote Control Fault Finder
  • Voltmeters
  • Gate Breaks
    - Spring
    - Tape
    - Bungie
  • Underground / Lead Out Cable
  • Underground Insulation
  • Insulators - All
  • End Strainers
  • Poly Tape & Wire
  • Strip Grazing Reels
  • Multi Strand Tread In Posts
  • Single Strand Tread In Posts
  • Clamps
  • Cut Out Switches
  • Fence Alerts
  • And more...

Electric Fencing Repairs can also supply domestic animal fencing kits.


Other Products Available

As well as electric fencing supplies, Electric Fencing Repairs supply a range of other items including:

  • Cattle Yards & Cattle Crushes
    (including galvanized iron and Presto Panel cut to size)
  • Tru Test Products
    - Weighing Systems
    - NLIS Scanning Systems
    - Creates
  • Water Tanks
  • Cattle Prodders

  • Hayes Fencing Products
    - Post Drivers
    - Wire Keys
    - Wire Strainers
    - Wire Spinners
  • Gates
  • Leader Ear Tags
  • Super Shears
  • and more...

Phone to discuss your Electric Fencing needs:

Kyle 0417 340 467
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